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Port of Antwerp

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Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is by all means the leading European integrated maritime and logistics hub and second largest seaport in Europe. Located right at the heart of the European single internal market, is has become the centre of worldwide trading activities. Optimal connections through a vast network of highway, railroad infrastructures and inland waterways guarantee a smooth throughput to all of the major European industrial and consumer areas.

Antwerp is a multifunctional port, where all types of cargo (containers, break bulk, dry bulk, liquid bulk) are loaded, unloaded, stored and handled in a most efficient way.

With direct services to over 1300 ports worldwide, the Port of Antwerp offers a wide variety of regular seaborne and short sea maritime services to all destinations worldwide including for the largest existing vessels.

The Port of Antwerp offers a unique blend of cargo handling, industrial activity and logistics operations. It has the world 2nd largest production and distribution centre for chemicals and plastics. 7 out of the 10 biggest international chemical companies have a production site in Antwerp.

With a wide variety of specialized handling techniques, extensive and bonded warehousing, logistics and service facilities, the Port of Antwerp is a truly integrated port. It offers more than 61 million square feet of covered storage capacity including both standard and refrigerated warehouses plus extensive facilities for dangerous goods.

The Antwerp Port Authority determines the strategic options for the port, lays down long-term policy guidelines, and exercises democratic control over port policy. As a landlord it manages and develops the Port infrastructure and prepares the port for a sustainable future.

More information can be found at www.portofantwerp.com