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Why invest in Luxembourg?

LUXEMBOURG, AN ATTRACTIVE AND DYNAMIC MARKET With an area of 2,586 square kilometres and a population of about 576,000 inhabitants, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, located between Germany, France, and Belgium, is one of the smallest member states within the European Union.  Nevertheless, Luxembourg continues to lead a strong legacy of economic opportunity, foreign relations development,…

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Port of Antwerp

Port of Antwerp The Port of Antwerp is by all means the leading European integrated maritime and logistics hub and second largest seaport in Europe. Located right at the heart of the European single internal market, is has become the centre of worldwide trading activities. Optimal connections through a vast network of highway, railroad infrastructures…

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Study in Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg Overall, Luxembourg is located in the center of Europe and bordering Germany, France and Belgium and the Netherlands were by far. French is the official language but the language Luxembourg, also speak English and German. Luxembourg is a country lush and luxury that the industry is almost zero, but economically the best…