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Iran-Belgium & Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce & Industry pursue the following objectives:

• Development of commercial, economic and industrial relation between three countries

• Close cooperation  with the official authorities, organizations and institutions of three countries with a view to encouraging further development of these relations.

• Gathering and evaluation of statistical data and other useful commercial, economic and industrial information related to three countries and putting them at the disposal of Iranian and Belgian and Luxembourgian applicants.

• Making endeavors to meet the wishes and viewpoints of three countries’ businessmen whenever appropriate.

• Study and research with a view to creating the necessary possibilities for investment.

• Facilitating the exchange of trade, economic and industrial delegation.

• Organizing and administration of seminars, lectures, conferences and symposia dealing with.

• Establishing and managing seminars, lectures and conferences and symposia dealing with commercial, economic and industrial issues of mutual interest.

• Attempting to settle disputes arising from commercial, economic and industrial relations between three countries enterprises in amicable ways or by referring them to arbitration  (both internal and external), when so requested and upon the approval of the board of Directors of the Chamber.

• Publication of information in the chamber’s Quarterly regarding question related to the promotion of trade and economic relations of three countries. Containing changes in commercial and industrial laws and other common topics of interest.