Industries and Mines Committee -

Industries & Mines Commission

The Industrial Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran, Belgium and Luxembourg is a community of economic activists from industrial domains, consisting of economic associations and chambers of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture of provinces, which aim to create a broader interaction and identify issues and problems in economic field, by integrating economic activists votes across the country and consulting with the governing bodies under the jurisdiction of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, in regard to improve and prosper industrial field.


Mining and mining industry is one of the country’s great capacities to achieve economic development and create employment. The high amount of investment in this sector has increased its sensitivity to laws and regulations. Proper use of mining capacity can be a step towards sustainable development and employment in the country. Joint Chamber of Mining and Mining Industry Commission is formed in various mineral domains on the aim of continuous monitoring mining and mining industry’s business environment, creating synergy and interaction between investors and miners with trustees, decision makers and enterprises, as well as providing consultation and decision- making to those involved, in the presence of active representatives of this field.