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Specialized Commissions


The Iranian economy has gone through many ups and downs in economic and social development and advancement, the history of this transition is full of experiences which their careful study and survey can lead to many practical lessons. In the meanwhile, one can deduce from historical studies of the Iranian economy that persistent efforts to tackle the problems and cross them successfully never happen unless equip policymakers and economic activists with real-time information and knowledge.

The Chamber of Commerce of Iran, Belgium and Luxembourg has always been working on its core mission to emphasize the importance of scientific decision-making in the economic field as well as to make constructive proposals in this field. Accordingly, the specialized committees in this joint chamber in accordance with Paragraph (8) Article 23 of the Iran, Belgium and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Paragraph (d) Article 16 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines of Iran, approved 15 March, have been formed as a think-tank and advisory boards of private sector. Specialist committees have always been on the path to developing their capabilities throughout their activity period and have been able to achieve their true status by planning and organizing efforts while trying to improve the business environment and remove production barriers.

Description of major duties

Commissions’ domain

  • Electing secretaries of committees and proposing to the secretary-general to issue their warrants
  • Following up on commissions decisions
  • Conducting administrative and executive affairs of committees and coordinating committees secretaries
  • Referring plans, bills, proposals, and reports to committees based on board members opinion
  • Holding elections to determine board members of commissions
  • Coordinating necessary arrangements for holding committees meetings
  • Obtaining expert advices of committees on cases referred by the board
  • Informing committees of relevant laws, regulations, and directives
  • Holding a meeting of the Council of Commissions’ chairmen/women and preparing/publishing its minutes
  • Preparing and publishing seasonal performance reports
  • Evaluating, content and structural editing of reports produced by committees
  • Notifying expert reports prepared by committees appropriately (after approval by commission members)
  • Evaluating the performance of commissions monthly and publishing their results
  • Preparing and publishing electronic secretariat Quarterly Journal of the Commissions
  • Improving the scientific ability of commissions
  • Selecting and employing experts for committees on the recommendation of the commissions’ board
  • Training and upgrading expertise ability of secretaries
  • Conducting and evaluating expert meetings for committees with the presence of authorities of related field
  • Interacting with the relevant commissions in provinces
  • Interact with related organizations
  • Suggesting important issues of the day to the committees for expert review and implementation