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Why invest in Luxembourg?

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With an area of 2,586 square kilometres and a population of about 576,000 inhabitants, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, located between Germany, France, and Belgium, is one of the smallest member states within the European Union.  Nevertheless, Luxembourg continues to lead a strong legacy of economic opportunity, foreign relations development, and large-scale integration, demonstrating that the dimensions of its economy and domestic market reach well beyond its small borders.

As an original and integrated member of the European Union, Luxembourg was a strong proponent of the introduction of the Euro. Today, Luxembourg hosts an open economy that exports over 80% of domestic production, distinguishing itself as a trustworthy and recognized political and economic partner across European and international spheres. The Grand Duchy also plays prominent roles in the development of the Greater Region, an area composed of the Grand Duchy and the neighboring countries of Belgium, France, and Germany.

The primary advantages of Luxembourg range from its strategic location in Europe and social and political stability, to its transportation quality, advanced logistics and telecommunication infrastructures, skilled and multilingual workforce, and open international environment. Luxembourg also offers one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Luxembourg products and services pride themselves on outstanding quality. They are tendered through the Grand Duchy’s authorized economic operators, whose expertise derives from a long-standing tradition of innovation, industrial excellence, and experience in the services sector, especially financial services.

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