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Iran-Belgium & Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce & Industry Applicants

With many thanks and honors for your membership request to our chamber of commerce, you are kindly requested to fill in the attached forms and list the requested documents to send them to the Membership Section of the Chamber. It is clear that all the documents will be kept private and confidential in our Data Bank. Also decision making regarding the acceptance or rejection of the memberships request is only under the authority of the board members and the result will be notified to the applicants in written. It’s worth mentioning that the chamber membership is appertained to real persons or business legal persons who preferably keen on developing or having an economical, business, Industrial and etc. relations between Iran- Belgium & Luxembourg constantly and continuously. (Whether their residency is in Iran-Belgium or Luxembourg) Also, please note that in case of membership request rejection, the board members are not obligated to inform the applicants about the reasons.


Iran-Belgium & Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce